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The People Garden - Official Trailer

1:53 | Uploaded on May 10, 2016

In the eerie official trailer for The People Garden, a woman arrives in Japan with the intent to break up with her boyfriend, Jamie. Her name is Sweetpea and her plan quickly takes a turn when Jamie fails to arrive at the airport to greet her. She can't seem to track him down and ends up in a dense forest where she believes he's hidden. A threatening score plays over unsettling imagery we hear someone say, "Don't get spooked, but every so often the sound drops out in there."

From then on, the trailer's chill-factor amplifies. Sweetpea's hunt for Jamie intensifies, taking on a sense of urgency. When she reports Jamie as missing, it appears the characters she encounters seem to be keeping something from her. Or is the forest that's withholding the truth?


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