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2:14 | Uploaded on Aug 28, 2020

In post-WWII America, Maja (Noomi Rapace), a Romanian woman, is rebuilding her life in the suburbs with her physician husband Lewis (Chris Messina), whom she met while working in a Greek hospital after the war.

Now living in a peaceful American suburb, Lewis does check ups on the workers at a local refinery. Maja believes she recognizes one of the men as Karl (Joel Kinnaman), who committed heinous war crimes against her. She attacks him with a hammer as he exits the plant and throws him into the trunk of her car.

When Maja tells Lewis that Karl raped not only her, but raped and murdered her sister during the war, he agrees to help and they imprison the man in their basement. He insists he's not a German or an ex-Nazi, telling them he's Swiss and worked as a clerk in Zurich during the war. Maja doesn't believe him and will do anything to get the truth out of him.


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