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The Shallows - "The Beginning" Trailer

59,921 Views | 1:42 | Uploaded on Jun 09, 2016

This trailer for the shark-infested thriller The Shallows takes us to the beginning. As the camera pans over a mountain and a picturesque bay comes into view, replete with beautiful turquoise waters and sandy shores, ominous music begins playing and an old recording of a voiceover rings out. The voice says, "Learning to be self-reliant takes time and hard work. These are the steps: assume responsibility, know where you are going, make your own decisions." As the words are uttered, images of Nancy (Blake Lively) suiting up for a surf are flashed on screen.

But about halfway through the trailer, the voiceover ends. Nancy, on her surfboard and enjoying a few waves, is suddenly struck by an enormous shark and pelted into the water. The chill factor takes a spike as we're shown images of Nancy fighting for her life and doing all she can to ward off the vicious creature that so fervently hunts her down. Self-reliance in its rawest form.


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