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225 Views | 2:23 | Uploaded on Feb 07, 2022

In the early 1920s in Montreal, a tragedy sets train porters Junior Massey (Aml Ameen) and Zeke Garrett (Ronnie Rowe), as well as Junior's wife Marlene (Mouna Traoré) and upstart performer Lucy (Loren Lott), on starkly different paths in the hopes of attaining better lives.

While Junior takes every opportunity to make money illegally, including jumping into the world of bootlegging and gambling, Zeke tries to be heard by the white men who run the railway system in order to form a union for the Black porters. Marlene questions whether her work as a Black Cross nurse is truly serving her community, and self-serving, ambitious Lucy takes her success into her own hands – no matter what the cost. 

Inspired by true events. 

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