release date:September 21, 2012
Tuesday January 8, 2013 (dvd)
running time:95 min.
director:Pete Travis
studio:Alliance Films
producer(s):Andrew Macdonald, Alex Garland, Allon Reich
screenplay:Alex Garland
cast:Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Wood Harris, Domhnall Gleeson
Current Tribute rating: Current rating: 3.58    Rate Movie     User Reviews

Dredd Movie Synopsis

Set in the future, the world is depicted as nothing but a wasteland. Off an eastern coast lies Mega City One—a metropolis where criminals rule the streets and the only form of order is in a police force known as the "Judges." They hold the combined powers of judge, jury, and executioner.

Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is a law enforcement officer who belongs to this elite corps. He is well-known and feared throughout the city as he faces the everyday challenge of getting rid of the latest scum. His latest assignment is to take down a gang at the heart of a dangerous drug epidemic called SLO-MO, which alters reality by making time feel like it's passing at a fraction of its real speed.

In order to stop the gang that is producing and dealing the drug, Dredd teams up with Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), a trainee with powerful psychic abilities. Together they learn that Ma-Ma (Lena Headey)—a prostitute turned drug lord— controls the ruthless clan and has waged a war against the Judges. What results is a vicious battle between Ma-Ma's clan and the Judges in a fight to the death.

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Ok, people do you even know what movie you are reviewing? Stallone and Lane were in Judge Dredd ... totally different movie than this one. Get your facts straight, please.

  Stallone is The Law, and Diane Lane is smokin' hot!

  Haha, people who dislike this movie are retards. This movie delivers on every promise. Badass hero - check, lame ass villains - check, no way this could be real - check. What more do you want? You didn't come to watch Good Will Hunting, did you?