Beyonce’s fighting words

Beyonce KnowlesBeyonce Knowles wants to be the first black actress to play the action hero Wonder Woman on the big screen. “A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?” Knowles says in an interview with the LA Times. For her role as Etta James in the upcoming drama Cadillac Records, Knowles had to pack on 20 pounds, and admits she’d have to get in tip-top shape to fit into that notoriously small Wonder Woman costume.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Nancy • November 10, 2008 @ 8:07 PM

    Nah, it’s time for that “white” Shaq someone mentioned, isn’t it? So, every show ever made with white actors now has to be re-made with black actors?

  2. yuck • November 10, 2008 @ 10:51 PM

    But of course Nancy. Otherwise it would be racist!

  3. Whatever • November 11, 2008 @ 12:29 AM

    im tired of beyonce trying to force herself into stardom.

    you did great in Destiny’s child.
    you’re an average actress.
    your voice is powerful, but there are many like you.

    you don’t become an icon or memorable forever by being annoying.

  4. marvel man • November 11, 2008 @ 1:29 AM

    I agree with “Whatever”. Beyonce was relevent 5 years ago. People are done with you, honey. Give it up.

  5. Demigod • November 11, 2008 @ 5:26 AM

    I’m personally sick and tired of these egotistical black celebs wanting to make everything black.
    Yea Beyonce, it’s time. Obama opened the gates for you and your kind..sheesh.

  6. Spidey • November 11, 2008 @ 9:53 AM

    Well explained, demigod!!!. If she wanted the Wonder Woman part so badly, she should have brought it up or opened up a long time ago. All of a sudden, Barack Obama becomes president, and here she goes and comes out saying about “a black wonder woman would be a powerful thing”…

    Come on now, Beyonce!!!…wake up and smell the coffee, you’re a talented entertainer but you don’t need to say all those things…

    …NUFF SAID!!!

  7. tributegirl • November 11, 2008 @ 12:46 PM

    Wow! These are some pretty powerful comments! And totally true! I’ve talked to a lot of people about some pretty hot topics, and a lot of people feel the same way as everyone who has posted here so far, unfortunately it is extremely difficult to say these things out in public for fear of violent retailiation. That seems to be how things are now, the silent majority gets walked all over.

  8. Stargazer • November 11, 2008 @ 3:20 PM

    Beyonce….Be-gone wit you! I totally agree with everyone’s comments . Seriuosly, Wonder Woman has always been a symbol of strength and sass. none of which that ubo-retard Beyonce possses. Maybe if wonder woman was known for shrill cawkling of her voice …then maybe. Please.

  9. ke • November 12, 2008 @ 1:33 AM

    i agree with almost everything on here! i mean i think she has an amazing voice but yes she is nothing above a mediocre actress (with bad taste in movies by the way, except maybe for dream girls but even that…). and i am the furthest thing from a racist but i feel like ever since Obama won it’s been like ‘hallelujah, its our people’s time now’. i mean come on. i agree with nancy – its like does everything have to be redone by black people now? and what does she mean ‘it would be a powerful thing’? does that mean the white wonderwoman wasn’t?

    ps; i totally love Obama. i think he’s HOT. :S

  10. Cosmos kissed Katy Perry! • November 12, 2008 @ 2:22 PM

    »Beyonce=A Wonder Woman,indeed.

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