MJ’s bodyguards say he had multiple girlfriends

MIchael Jackson and Diana RossMichael Jackson’s bodyguards insist he “had desires of women.” Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon ‘BJ’ Beard spoke to ABC’s Good Morning America about the two years they worked for the late ‘King of Pop’. They revealed he had at least two girlfriends in the time they looked after him, and furiously refuted claims his relationship with children was unnatural. “Being a man, men know men, and we were around him long enough to know he was a man,” Bill said. Mike added: “He had desires of women like we do. He had lovers. In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat. You couldn’t see in the back seat. They talked back there, they didn’t do nothing out of bounds. You can hear the kissing.” All three men emphatically replied, “No,” when asked if Michael was a pedophile. They called the pop icon an “awesome” father to his three children, revealing he did all in his power to shield them from stories written about him. He instructed the bodyguards to walk ahead and turn over any magazines which had him on the front when they went out, even doing it himself if some were missed. “The kids were constantly saying, ‘I love you, Daddy.’ They were like four buddies,” Mike explained.

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  1. ruthie • March 11, 2010 @ 12:31 PM

    Its about time his bodyguards spoke up. Where were they when they went to court for their accusations against MJ. Michael the truth is out. Wtg on the bodyguards for finally speaking up. MJ RIP missed my millions!

  2. mika • March 11, 2010 @ 12:58 PM

    ruthie has a good point

    why are they revealing this after the fact?

  3. Amy • March 11, 2010 @ 5:21 PM

    Absolutely, why did nobody speak out before his untimely death. WTG bodyguards!! Of course he was a man. He never would hurt a child. He was a wonderful father. Anyone can tell when you look at his children. How much they love him. So sad for them that they have to now live their lives without him.
    He was a wonderful man who did his best to help others who were less fortunate. And doing so the evil ones took advantage of him. Unfortunately when you try and help people does not matter who you are or how rich or famous you are some people just take advantage of you.
    MJ was and will always be in my heart.
    RIP Michael xxxx

  4. ookkasdfd • March 11, 2010 @ 8:04 PM

    wtf. i dont visit this site very often, but everytime i do there is some story about michael jackson. Give it a rest tribute.

  5. rrp • March 14, 2010 @ 1:05 AM

    ookkasdfd ..maybe you shouldnt visit the site no more then. cause you obviously dont know a good thing when it hits you. MJ was a good man and deserved to be remembered by people like us who appreciated him and what he stood for. WE who loved him and see a story about something to do with him like his bodyguards well you see thats cause we stand behind MJ and believed in him. As for you, you obviously never have been and never will. So if you dont have anything good to say keep it to yourself. MJ rest in peace. we love you.

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