Rosanna Arquette

Much like Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette was a big thing for a while, then almost disappeared from view. She started acting as a child, gaining fame when she was cast in a regular role on the TV series Shirley. Unlike many child stars, she made a successful transition to film as a young adult, starring in movies such as Miramax’s Pulp Fiction (1994) and David Cronenberg’s Crash (1996). She told The New Yorker she was supposed to pick up a script from Weinstein over dinner at a Beverly Hills hotel, but when she arrived, was told to go to his suite. He answered the door wearing a bathrobe, saying he needed a massage. She recalls he grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his crotch. She told the magazine, “My heart was really racing. I was in a fight-or-flight mode.” She says she rebuffed him and he responded by telling her she was making a huge mistake and sure enough, she had trouble finding roles after that. 

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  1. Sam • October 19, 2017 @ 11:21 AM

    Roman Polanski should be next to be banned from the Academy, because he’s raped so many underage actresses that it’s hard to keep count. I think now that Harvey Weinstein’s been exposed, more of these pigs will be outed and maybe Hollywood actors like Meryl Streep, who openly supports him, and Rosie O’Donnell, who doesn’t call sodomizing a 13-year-old actually “rape,” will finally open their eyes that creeps like Polanski shouldn’t be given awards or accepted. He should be behind bars and if he wasn’t such a slimy coward, he would be.

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