Batmobile (Batman: The Movie)

While there's a lot of Batmobile models to choose from, we think the 1960s version is the most iconic, and the most fun. With wing-tips to match the costume of the Caped Crusader (played by the late, great Adam West) and cool red detailing along the edges, you truly felt a POW! when you saw this car appear on screen. Did we mention it also comes fully loaded, inluding a Bat-laser Beam, Bat-ray and a Bat-zooka? Yeah, there's the BOOM!


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  1. Doug Butt • June 15, 2017 @ 10:40 AM

    I actually seen the Cadillac from Ghostbusters 2 at Speedorama years ago.I ‘ve seen ZZ Tops 48 Cadillac, and 2 Harley Davidson’s with .

    Cars do make the movies,and tv shows. Dodge Charger’s from Fast&Furious , Roadhouse. The Chevy van from movie,and TV show for the A team.

    Also the actor who played Eddie Monster from the Monsters tv show owns both Grampa coffin car, and Monsters coach.

    A couple of streets over from where I live has a grand torino painted just like the red tomato in tv show, movie Starsky,and Hutch.

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