Sharon Stone loses custody of her son

sharon_stone.jpgSharon Stone, 50, has been denied custody of her eldest son, Roan, 8, by a San Francisco judge. The boy lives with his father, newspaper editor Phil Bronstein, 57, and the judge ruled that Bronstein was able to provide a more stable, structured and consistent home than Stone. Stone now has visiting rights only. This is a dramatic change from an October 2007 custody order that states Bronstein and Stone had “joint legal and physical custody.” Bronstein and Stone, who divorced in 2004, adopted Roan in 2000.  Stone, who has been married three times, has since adopted two other boys — Quinn, 2, and Laird, 3. She is currently dating a man in his 20s.

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  1. Jo-Anne. • September 24, 2008 @ 10:59 AM

    Good for Bronstein. If he does indeed provide a “more stable, structured and consistent home” then he certainly should have his son living there full time.

    It’s wonderful to see more dad’s being granted these more permanent custodial rights, or better access to their kids and not ruling in favour of the moms, simply because they are moms. The children should be in the most stable home setting, whomever parent that may be.

  2. Nancy • September 25, 2008 @ 8:45 AM

    Well, if she has custody of the other two adopted children then she is obviously providing some sort of stability and I think they should have joint custody. I think that if Ms. Stone had been Roan’s biological mother the outcome of this custody battle would have been different. I wonder if the San Francisco judge is Chinese? Karma, anyone?

    RIP John Bonham.

  3. Luana Dallmann-Rahn • September 26, 2008 @ 11:23 AM

    It is very sad to hear that kids have to go through divorces with their parents.
    Hoepfully the children who are adopted have therpy as their life is confusing enough to be adopted .

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