Who George Strombo blames for Genie hosting mess

Just one day before George Stroumboulopoulos was scheduled to co-host the 32nd Annual Genie Awards, he found out that his partner, Andrea Martin, was pulling out to film a pilot in Los Angeles. So he was left to carry the show on his own. So how did the talk show host handle the last-minute change? We caught up with him after last night’s awards to get his thoughts on Martin dropping out so close to the show. “In the press, some people were a bit negative about her going. This is the business. This is what it is,” he told Tribute. “If you get a pilot, and the network in the States can’t move the schedule, a lot of money is invested in a production. So all you do is you celebrate the person who got the opportunity and away you go. This is the business.”

He also talked about how he felt about having to play host alone: “When things go wrong, you get kind of this weird gift from the universe to go, ‘Hey look, within 24 hours we have to completely redo this whole thing.’ And even if it didn’t work, it doesn’t matter. The trick is the experience of it. That’s really the key. We wanted to do a good job, we wanted to pull it off. We knew the car was on two wheels, right away we knew that. But we also knew that we put the effort in to make it to work. So if it didn’t, hey, that’s the universe man. It’s out of our hands. The universe is awesome and sometimes it’s a dick.”

In spite of the last minute prep, Strombo still managed to get quite a few laughs out of the audience. They even used the incident as a precursor to the show by opening with a hilarious tongue-in-cheek skit about why Martin wouldn’t be there.

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  1. justme • March 10, 2012 @ 8:13 AM

    wow, sounds like this is one celeb who really has his sh*t together! Very Zen Strombo!

  2. roberto • March 11, 2012 @ 9:27 AM

    Why didn’t the universe just give you one of the trees you refer to as your friends Strombo??? Sham brown nose ehost… you and CBC can stop wasting our money…

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