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Hevn (Revenge) Trailer

2,493 Views | 1:42 | Uploaded on May 24, 2016

In the trailer for the Norwegian film Hevn (Revenge), a woman named Rebekka (Siren Jørgensen) arrives at a hotel in the mountains without an appointment. She claims to be a journalist tells the owners she's always wanted to write about it.

We see her in a room at the hotel in the shadows, snooping around and pulling out a large knife she finds. When she meets the other guests, she tells them she's writing an article for a magazine.

She also interviews the innkeeper, Morten. When he gets up to get more coffee, she grabs his phone and looks at one of his contacts, Sarah, then changes the phone number. He's later seen with his arm in a sling, looking at his phone in confusion as he reads a text. 

It appears Rebekka wants revenge on Morten for something that happened in the past. The final shot is of her standing on a dock, holding a weapon. 


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