Broken City

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  Not as broken as this movie....

  great movie!

  Started off good, but ran out of time to develop plot, weak finish.

  great movie ! awesome cast, wonderful acting and interesting story !!

  I give it the Rust Award for the Least Excusable Bad Movie of the Year. I've had mediocre students write better scripts. Crowe manages not one moment as a convincing mayor of New York. Wahlberg has to get his mind out of Dorchester -- there's more to movies than bad cops, drugs, and punch outs. You would normally expect much better from such a cast, but all play stereotypes. Unbelievable.

  Terrible. Boring. Almost walked out. Huge fan of the actors but I can't believe they did this movie. Purely for the money...they couldn't have possibly liked the script.

  Good movie, kept me interested though out, great acting cast!

  Expected a lot better - It's just an ordinary thriller and not that good. Should have waited for it to come out on Nexflix

  I really enjoyed this movie!

  The plot is full of holes. It's a broken movie.

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