Oblivion: The IMAX Experience

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  Earth after a deadly invasion. Tom Cruise is Jack Harper - Tech 42 - one of the last people on Earth with a 'wiped' memory for security reasons. He's a repair guy for the drones that are keeping the remnants of the invaders at bay so humans can drain the remaining power from the planet. But when a ship crashes and he finds a beautiful woman in a cryo-pod ... his reality comes crashing down. The film presents a very novel concept and it was quite a surprise to learn what was really going on. As with any sci-fi film tho there's lots of moments that don't make sense and of course the obligatory scenes of men in heavy suits and women in tank tops. Oh well! Cruise is actually very good - I

  I wish there was another Positive word I could think of 2describe this movie. Oh wait, I can think of one. I had the feeling of wonderthroughout most of the movie!! The script was so different! It was done really well! There was such a neat twist to it to.

  Awesome movie, another almost the end of the world movie, but done well with some surprises ..

  Rather enjoyed, but once I got an idea in my head about what might be coming, and then have that happen, it became a bit predictable. But at least there were still a few surprises.