Blu-ray review: Mark Wahlberg stars in action flick Mile 22

By Marriska Fernandes on November 14, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Mark Wahlberg’s fourth collaboration with Peter Berg is this year’s Mile 22. The movie opens with a scene that will probably make viewers wonder: what’s the premise of the story?

The opening scene introduces the CIA crew, comprised of senior intelligence officer James “Jimmy” Silva (Wahlberg) and a lead officer referred to as “Mother” (John Malkovich). They are seen raiding a safe house in the U.S., trapping and targeting Russian criminals. Jimmy is a foul-mouthed, intense man with anger issues. He’s a pain to work with, but he’s the best at his job. His closest colleague is Alice (Lauren Cohan), who uses just as much profanity as Jimmy.

Fast forward a few years later. A nuclear weapon has been stolen in the fictional Southeast Asian nation of Indocarr. The only person who knows the location of the weapon and the crew responsible for the theft is Li Noor (Iko Uwais). He tells the CIA he will disclose this information once he is granted asylum in the United States.

It is then up to Silva and the rest of his unit to escort Noor from the U.S. Embassy to a plane on the strip. Can they make the 22 miles to safety before a local gang gets to them and kills Noor?

The movie starts off abruptly, without giving any info as to what is happening. We are introduced to the major players — Wahlberg, Cohan and Malkovich in their respective roles — and perhaps that’s all we needed to know. The plot is as predictable as most action flicks. But a twist towards the end makes it easier to turn a blind eye to the other holes in the plot.

I found the most entertaining part of the film to be the bitter, foul-mouthed, 5’6″ Jimmy, well-played by Mark. But instead of being given well-written lines that we know he can deliver, he’s given profanity — to reflect his upbringing. Nevertheless, you still chuckle at Mark’s portrayal of the character, who brings his dry wit and humor to the forefront. He has a flair for comedy, even in an action film.

If you’re a Mark Wahlberg fan, you’ll likely enjoy this one. John Malkovich also ensures laughs during the otherwise intense film. ~Marriska Fernandes

Bonus features on Blu-ray include:
Overwatch: A paramilitary division of the CIA. Here’s a look at why the film chose to explore this team.

Introducing Iko: Indonesian star Iko Uwais is known for his action scenes in The Raid: Redemption. This feature takes a look at his experience with combat fighting and how he choreographed his own scenes in the film.

Iko Fight: Interview with Iko Uwais talking about his intense fight scenes.

Bad-Ass Women: A behind-the-scenes look at Lauren Cohan, Ronda Rousey and screenwriter Lea Carpenter, who discuss the film’s female characters.

BTS Stunts: Director Peter Berg talks about the action-packed stunts.

Modern Combat: An exploration of the intense action stunts.

Colombia: The filmmakers discuss the key filming locations in Bogota, Colombia.

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