Clubs turn Chris Brown away

chris_brownChris Brown reportedly can’t find a venue for his 21st birthday party. The singer, who reaches the landmark age on May 5, is having difficulty getting a club in New York, Las Vegas or Miami to host his bash because they don’t want to upset his ex-girlfriend Rihanna — whom he assaulted in February 2009. A source told the New York Post: “They don’t want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship with Rihanna.” As a result of the difficulties Chris is now looking to hold the party at a private home. The singer has seen his career take a nosedive since the attack, for which he pled guilty in June 2009. Chris was ordered to do a community service order as a result of his crime and has been made to pick up trash — something which he was told last month he is good at. Speaking at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Patricia Schnegg said: “You’re doing really, really well. I think you’ve made a lot of progress in the last month.”

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Comments & Discussion

  1. puttputt • March 30, 2010 @ 1:18 PM

    trash picking up trash

  2. Joshua • March 30, 2010 @ 2:43 PM

    well, hes being punished for what he did. I just hope he see this as a chance to be a better person and not get bitter and start blaming others for his actions. Abuse is a learned behavior, so lets just hope this young man will fix his S*IT and try to regain is reputation. Only time will tell.

  3. mandee • March 30, 2010 @ 3:52 PM

    hahahaha. maybe next time he will think about what his actions may ultimately cost HIM before he “attacks” another girlfriend.

  4. tributegirl • March 30, 2010 @ 6:00 PM

    Yeah, this attack has cost him a lot, but it cost her more.

  5. silentbob • March 31, 2010 @ 12:07 PM

    Just give him a break already, he has paid the price already. There have been many other famous people who have done a lot worse than what he has done, and they are not as harshly ridiculed for what they did. I’m not saying what he did was right in any way at all. but at least e had the b@lls to confess to what he did, he knows he was wrong in what he did. I think people should move on from what he did in the past, and allow him to take what he learned away from this to become a better person and hopefully never ever do what he did agine. If he does do it again, then theres a problem and he should be kicked to the curb.

  6. mandee • March 31, 2010 @ 1:19 PM

    if any other celeb beat a woman til they looked how rhianna did, i wouldnt ever give them a “break” either. i would say the exact same thing if angelina jolie beat brad pitt until he was almost unrecognizable and then was turned away from a bar where she could get drunk and possibly attack another person. im not being biased because its chris brown, im being biased because hes a disgusting human being, one should not be forgiven after beating almost the life out of another person. if he raped or molested her, would you be so forgiving? he may as well have, shes still going to be emotionally scarred for life. do you think chris should live a fantastic happy life when rhianna is going to be afraid of any man that gets mad around her for pretty much the rest of her life? when its going to be hard for her to trust anyone because she already put her faith in someone and he beat the hell out of her? why should rhianna suffer for life because of something chris did, but chris should be given “a break already”. he didnt give her a break when he was pounding her face in. also, it wasnt the first time he beat rhianna im sure of it. it was just the first time the press got ahold of the information and made it public.

  7. Carolyn • March 31, 2010 @ 2:28 PM

    why throw a party…who would go anyway. Men should not raise their fist to any women..didn’t your mom teach you anything. So what you’ve had a terrible tough childhood..shame on you…hope your career falls flat.

  8. tributegirl • March 31, 2010 @ 7:29 PM

    silentbob, I don’t think he’s “paid the price”, there is no “price” you can put on the assault of another person. Other famous people who have done a lot worse are not ridiculed? Like who? OJ Simpson? No, wait, he’s been extremely ridiculed.
    He confessed what he did, because he had no other option, to deny it would have been too bold a lie, everyone already knew he did it, so he only confessed to try to save his own a$$ and his own career. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work.

  9. Carol • March 31, 2010 @ 8:05 PM

    Good for the clubs standing up to an *ss like this. It’s about time we stopped bowing down to the rich and famous and doing what is right.

  10. silver • April 1, 2010 @ 12:33 PM

    Carol, if the article is accurate, the clubs are doing exactly what you think they shouldn’t – i.e. bowing down to the rich and famous. They aren’t doing it because it is “right” but because they believe they can make more money from Rihanna and her supporters than Brown and his supporters, so they don’t want to alienate her.

    For all of you who disagree with Silentbob, do you really think he should NEVER be forgiven? That he should pay for the rest of his life? That he can’t learn and change? If he can’t, then no one can, and anyone who commits any crime should be locked up for the rest of their live. If you believe that, I really feel sorry for you having such a negative outlook for people.

  11. mandee • April 1, 2010 @ 1:57 PM

    silver, i dont think that he has suffered enough to learn ANYTHING yet. maybe in 10 years when he has proven he doesnt beat women i may be able to forgive him for what he did, but while hes still young (and clearly stupid) i do not think this should be overlooked.

  12. tributegirl • April 1, 2010 @ 3:36 PM

    silver, you can forgive him if you want, I really don’t care. I choose to not forgive him. That’s my choice.
    Carol, agreed.

  13. Jayjay • April 1, 2010 @ 7:41 PM

    He made a mistake, he will have to live with it for life, he will never stop suffering because of what he did. But I do not think people should be so harsh with him, how is the healing supposed to happen for both him and Riahanna. With the public continuing to shun him, do they want him to spiral out of control do to the feel of desperation and isolation from the world and do something worse. He made a mistake, it will haunt him for life. We don’t have to forgive him, but we can help with the healing!

  14. mandee • April 2, 2010 @ 12:42 AM

    jayjay, we also dont have to endorse him or be the reason he is rich. he can get a normal job and be a normal person now. do you consider me to be “shunned” because you dont all pay to watch me live my life? because im not rich and dont have fans? he ruined his career and his life, he no longer deserves to be in the spotlight.

  15. Carol • April 2, 2010 @ 9:39 AM

    JayJay, being abusive is not a “mistake”. It is a choice. No one is to lay their hands on another person. We learned that as children. You do it in self-defense, and even then, it still depends on the severity. I wish she scatched his eyes out when he did that to her. Yeah, he’ll have to live with it for the rest of his life, and yes, I hope he gets help and he doesn’t do it again. But with every action comes a consequence, and this is his.

  16. gypsy • April 2, 2010 @ 10:40 PM

    I thought he already went to court and was sentenced,by the judicial system? Is he not doing what the courts ordered him to do? This is good Friday,GOD DIED FOR ALL PEOPLES SIN’S TO BE FORGIVEN!!!NOT by us, but for GOD THE FATHER TO FORGIVE ALL!!I believe there is a parable in the bible that states JUDGE NOT,LEST YE BE JUDGED!!!

  17. mandee • April 3, 2010 @ 1:12 AM

    happy easter to you too, gypsy! and everyone else! hope you have a safe, happy holiday!

    gypsy, god may forgive anyone he likes, im certainly not going to 😛 im sure even god needs time to forgive chris for what he has done.

  18. gypsy • April 3, 2010 @ 10:36 AM

    In my eyes there is no time limit to be forgiven,if there was I believe we’d all be sc##wed!I also respect your opinion Mandee,so I will hope we can agree to disagree on this one.Take Care.

  19. mandee • April 4, 2010 @ 8:33 PM

    did you all have a good easter? and im good with agreeing to disagree gypsy. we can differ from time to time 😀 i hope everyones well !

  20. silver • April 5, 2010 @ 9:21 AM

    Mandee, I don’t agree you have to “suffer” to some degree to learn. Many people do things they regret doing immediately after they have done it, without even facing the consequences of a judicial system. Although not on the same level of severity of what he has done, haven’t you ever done anything that you feel bad about, just because YOU knew it was wrong, not because someone made you suffer to realize it?

    TG, I don’t know enough about him as a person or the circumstances to forgive or not forgive him. I agree people have a choice on whether to buy his records, and if he loses his fame because of this, that’s too bad. As someone else said, it isn’t going to stop him from making a living of some sort. My point is that I don’t think it is fair to say he (or anyone else) can’t change or learn their lesson, and to make someone suffer forever because of one bad act is wrong. My comments are on the generalizations being made rather than this specific case.

    And I generally agree with Gypsy. Even if one doesn’t agree with Christianity, or any particular religion, I think society needs to be more understanding and forgiving and helpful, and less judgemental overall. I AM NOT saying automatically forgive without consequence, but also have some compassion.

  21. silver • April 5, 2010 @ 9:31 AM

    One more thing. Gypsy and Mandee, it is too bad you (and others) feel you have to say things like “this is my opinion only” or “I hope we can agree to disagree”. I would have hoped that such things would be automatically understood.

    Although some of you might think my comments pick on certain people and that I look down on their beliefs, that isn’t an accurate description of me. It is true that I may look down on someone’s process for making a conclusion, but not for the conclusion itself. As long as it is reasoned and supported by facts, I think it is okay. If you can’t explain how you reach a conclusion, then I would question your process.

    And just because someone doesn’t agree with you, and gets into a long discussion over an issue, it doesn’t necessarily mean they look down on you, it could mean they are passionate about the subject. People learn from other people’s perspectives and ideas, and discussing issues is a way to learn and grow as a person.

  22. tributegirl • April 5, 2010 @ 11:53 AM

    “As someone else said, it isnt going to stop him from making a living of some sort.”
    Ummm, actually I believe that was ME that said that.
    But I didn’t say that he can’t change or that he can’t learn his lesson, sure he can, I said I choose to not forgive him for this, I choose to not forgive abuses of this sort.
    “This is my opinion only”,”I hope we can agree to disagree”.

    As far as explaining how people reach a conclusion, much of the discussion here isn’t “conclusion”, it’s personal feelings and opinions, which is very difficult, if not impossible (at times) to explain. How does a person explain that they feel this is an unforgiveable crime? It’s their feelings, it’s just something in their heart, not everything is supported by facts, etc. Also, I know some people have difficulty with their words, getting their thoughts and feelings out, so to insist on “facts” isn’t always fair either.

  23. gypsy • April 5, 2010 @ 12:57 PM

    Silver..When I make a comment,MOST of the time I search deep down inside myself to see if there is a chance I will change my mind.If I believe there is no way I will,instead of debating the issue and causing a argument.The respectful way I believe is to stop, before it gets nasty and agree to disagree on that article! I don’t like to speak for others,so if Mandee wants to add her own thoughts on this,that is entirely her right to do so!!!

  24. silver • April 5, 2010 @ 1:28 PM

    gypsy, I certainly understand you don’t want to get into an argument. What I was trying to say is that intelligent people should be able to discuss things without it becoming a nasty argument (although an “argument” about ideas is fine). I just think it is sad that people have to almost apologize for giving an opinion — it should be understood. Debating an issue is healthy, and I don’t think people should hold back on discussing something because they might be perceived to be making trouble.

    tg, I wasn’t trying to take away your “ownership” of the point, I just remembered it (because I thought the same thing) but was too lazy to go back and find who said it. I agree it is sometimes hard to explain or give a reason for how one feels. And emotion certainly comes into play in most of our thoughts, as it should. Although I don’t think everything can be brought back to logic and facts, I think that having an opinion based SOLELY on emotion, and having a blanket opinion without considering the individual facts of a given situation isn’t a fair way to judge a person.

    So, if I understand what you said, you would never forgive someone in a domestic abuse (the giver, not the receiver), no matter how contrite, what they did to try to make up for it, what they may have learned. I assume there are things you would forgive someone for. Do you know how you differentiate between what you would and would not forgive? Is there some general criteria?

  25. gypsy • April 5, 2010 @ 7:45 PM

    Well Silver,I consider myself intelligent in some areas more than others.I also know that if I feel passionate about a subject,I can and do get very vile vocally and physically!Very rarely there is a happy medium for my feelings,since I am aware of these shortcomings in my personality,I choose to state my opinion,then leave it alone.Now if it is a person I have no respect for,the inner volcano will boil over with vulgar profanities and the site will delete it!I BELIEVE IN TOTAL FREEDOM OF SPEECH,so when that right is taken away from me I FEEL VIOLATED!In this day and age,I feel we are slowly losing an intricate part of our personalities, when we are unable to freely express ourselves!! That being said I refuse to conform to today’s standards!!!When I agree to disagree,it is with people whom I have respect for!!!

  26. mandee • April 6, 2010 @ 4:36 AM

    silver on April 5, 2010 9:21 AM i think i read before that this wasnt the first time he hit rhianna, so clearly he didnt know it was wrong “the second he did it” sorry if im not quoting you exactly, im really sleepy lol. for someone to raise their hand in anger to someone else more than once, they clearly have no idea how wrong they are. it seems to me chris DOES have to suffer to become a better person.

    silver on April 5, 2010 9:31 AM i completely agree with your comment, i dont state its only my opinion, or that we should just agree to disagree, but when someone mentions to me that we should agree to disagree, i am going to agree with them because its the nice thing to do. im clearly not going to fight with someone that is respectful towards me while still disagreeing with what i personally think. i feel bad that gypsy always says its her personal opinion only, and ive mentioned it to her a few times that she shouldnt have to do that, but its up to her how she wants to write her comments, and im not going to try to change who she is or how she comments.

    gypsy on April 5, 2010 12:57 PM im pretty much the same way. although, sometimes the things people present to me do change my mind and my feelings on the subject. take for an example MJ. i really thought he was a child molester because he was accused of being one, after listening to everyones side and hearing about the facts of the cases etc, i changed my feelings about him and as far as im concerned he just never grew up and he didnt do anything harmful or sexual to or with any of the children in his house. and i thought i was dead set in my thoughts about him.

    tributegirl on April 5, 2010 11:53 AM just saw yours, sorry lol. and i agree with your comment, and i find it very difficult to get my words and thoughts out with it actually making sense and meaning anything to the people that read it. my thoughts are always jumbled and thats how they come out, i know what i mean, its just hard to make others understand me sometimes. (i know you werent referring to me (at least not ONLY me) but i just wanted to comment on what you said).

    silver on April 5, 2010 1:28 PM i agree with what you said to gypsy, but not what you said to tg. i can understand someone saying an abuser needs help or is doing it as a cry for attention, or because they grew up in an abusive household, or because they have bad self esteem, or anger issues, or only abuse their spouse/whoever when they are drinking etc. there are many reasons someone may CHOOSE to beat another person. but, thats the key word here….CHOOSE. everyone in the world has a hard life, everyone has their own problems, their own issues, their own reasons…but not EVERYONE simply CHOOSES to beat another human being. i have anger issues, ive been abused in the past, i have all kinds of reasons to be angry and depressed etc. i dont go around hitting people that make me mad, i didnt hit my abuser, the “man” that FORCED me to do things i didnt want to do, the “man” that left bruises on my body, that left me emotionally scarred and screwed up. i also dont beat or hit anyone else i come into contact with. its common sense, we learn it from the day we we start hitting, HITTING is WRONG. we learn it in school when we are in kindergarten. why should these people be given a “get out of jail free” card? (i dont mean, actual jail lol). why should society forgive these people and give them another chance to hurt our children, our mothers, our sisters, our brothers, our cousins, our sons, our uncles, etc? how many times do you have to be convicted of beating someone, or how many people do you have to beat to be considered a monster? in my opinion, JUST ONE.

    gypsy on April 5, 2010 7:45 PM amen sister! i have a bad temper as well, it only comes out in my words not my actions. i know some people (perhaps even you silver!) are going to compare that to actual beatings because emotional abuse is just as bad as physical, but i dont abuse people. online with people i dont know, i am bound to say some things i wouldnt normally say, these are people i dont know and that probably dont give a damn about what i have to say anyway. in real life i use things that i know will hurt people (specific things based on the person) but i dont insult them or abuse them. i just bring up things i know are a sore subject because they did something to hurt me and i want them to understand why i feel the way i feel. anyway, this is getting to be such a long post, i wonder if its big enough yet to be published as a novel? im going 2 bed, its 436am and i have to find a job tomorrow. sweet dreamz all, hope your day is lovely.

  27. tributegirl • April 7, 2010 @ 9:34 AM

    silver, I didn’t say “no matter how contrite”, please stop putting words in my mouth.
    As far as differentiating between what I would and what I would not forgive, every single situation is different, so no, there is no “criteria”. I look at each individual situation and decide what I think of the situation/people involved, and my OPINION comes from there.
    I think that having an opinion based SOLELY on logic/facts is not natural and is foolish.

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