Protect your iPod in style with Otterbox!

otterboxIn case you’re like most people, you’ve broken (or at least scratched) a cell phone, PDA or iPod by dropping it. In that case, you might like to try out a selection of products called the Otterbox. Why is it called an Otterbox? They’re waterproof (an Otter’s fur has a waterproof quality), and because otters are fun, playful and cute, it was decided that “Otter” was a perfect fit.  I tried the OtterBox Armor Series for iPod® nano 4th generation case, which has an ergonomic shape redesigned for ultimate grip. It’s waterproof, dust-proof, sand-proof, drop-proof and scratch-proof. Newly-designed, it has white latches and a belt clip for cable management/carrying convenience. Just insert the iPod into the dock — there’s a plug at the bottom for your headphone cord and a clear membrane that allows you to access your menu. The case is easily removable and can be washed with plain soap and water if you get it dusty or dirty. The belt clip is removable and you can switch it to carry your iPod right side up or the other way, so if it’s on your belt, you can just look down and see what’s playing. I’m loving the ease and functionality — no need to worry about ever damaging your iPod again! Click here to check out their full line of products  — and don’t forget, Mother’s Day is coming up. ~movi_alex

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