Ralph Breaks the Internet has sweet message – Blu-ray review

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Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-rayIn Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Wreck-it Ralph, the building wrecking giant is back to break the internet. Ralph’s (John C. Reilly) best friend Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) is left without a home when an external steering wheel from her video game breaks and Sugar Rush is disconnected.

Already unhappy with her routine life, Vanellope readily agrees to accompany Ralph into the internet to locate and buy a new steering wheel from eBay. Along the way Vanellope falls in love with this new world, putting their friendship to the test as Ralph fears losing his best friend.

Joining the cast in this sequel is Taraji P. Henson as the voice of Yesss, the woman who helps Ralph “break” the internet, and Gal Gadot as racing queen Shank.

This film is suited for both children and adults, but more so for a younger generation, savvy with online logos and brands. Social media and big companies from eBay and Google to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were featured throughout the film (it almost became a game of which ones I could identify) to represent the online world.

The internet plot was very creative and well thought out. From huge company names to sketchy ads, the film was filled with vibrant — almost psychedelic colors — that would hold the attention of just about anyone. It was a good way to show children the pros and cons of the internet, with some insight into the way the internet works.

Ralph Breaks the Internet did not take a Kim Kardashian route to do so, however, he surely does a better job. In Ralph’s first attempt he breaks records on Buzzztube, much like Youtube, and starts posting remakes of viral videos to go viral himself. You would think that this is his attempt to break the internet, but later in the movie he quite literally begins to break the internet — spreading a virus that could shut down everything.

Relating to an older generation, Disney’s princesses were brought into the film. This had to be my favorite part, as the classic princesses were transformed to modern-day girls, dressing in everyday clothing, and talking like the cool kids of today. Not only that, but there were funny jabs at princess movies, recognizing how there always has to be some guy that saves the princess, or a scene in which they must sing to their reflection in some type of body of water.

The moral of the story was not your usual uncomplicated, “they all live happily-ever after” trope. It settles more on compromising, offering an excellent, selfless morale that shows children sometimes we have to sacrifice our own happiness for the happiness of our friends.


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