The Big Game: Preview of the Best 2013 Ads

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, when the San Francisco 49ers will face off against the Baltimore Ravens. As the excitement over the game grows, it’s matched by the attention that surrounds the commercials to air during game breaks. Take a look at some of our favorites:

Coca-Cola: “Coke Chase”

In this Coca-Cola 60-second ad, the company has ditched their polar bears for showgirls, cowboys, motorcycling bad boys and glitterbombs. It’s a race to the finish for the band of unique characters, where the prize is none other than a bottle of refreshing Coca-Cola. The ad allows viewers to vote on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, for who they think should win the race. The first 50,000 people will also get a free coke, and the results will be announced at the end of the game in a 30-second commercial.

Toyota: “Wish Granted”
This year’s Toyota commercial stars Kaley Cuoco, 27. The Big Bang Theory actress strolls through the streets with her pet chihuahua while listening to the song “I Wish” by Skee-Lo, and grants the wishes of the many people she encounters. Anyone who is familiar with the lyrics will immediately realize the company stops the song short of delivering a ’64 Impala. Good thinking, Toyota.

Mercedes-Benz: Extended cut
A man gazes in wonder at a billboard featuring the new Mercedes-Benz in the process of being put up, when the devil appears to him. Satan tries to get the man to sign his soul away in order to get the car, as well as fame, fortune, a beautiful date and a fantastic dance partner. The man realizes the CLA is more affordable now, and passes on the devil’s offer. The devil vanishes in a puff of smoke. The commercial features appearances by Usher, Kate Upton and Willem Dafoe as the devil.

Audi: “Prom”
This year’s Audi ad features the new Audi S6 sport sedan. It shows a young man going dateless to his senior prom. His dad lends him the Audi to drive, and this gives the young man confidence enough to grab the prom queen for a stolen kiss. The company initially released  three possible endings to the commercial and let viewers vote for their favorite. As it was predicted, “Worth it” won. The commercial brings hope to all those people out there who are too shy to take chances.

Skechers: “Man vs. Cheetah”
Skechers has created a beautiful Discovery Channel-type commercial. We open with a gazelle grazing in the grass while a cheetah begins to stalk its prey. Soon the hunt takes chase, but what would happen if you added a man in Skechers GOrun2? Stay tuned on Sunday to see if the man can catch the cheetah. Cutting off the commercial before the best part only builds on our excitement and curiosity – great strategy by the company. “No seriously”
One of the downfalls of the Internet is that it has made everyone think that their ideas are one of a kind, but in reality you may not be as clever as you think. analyzes this concept in their most recent ad. Five couples sit on the couch watching television. Each wife turns to their husband and asks, “When are you going to ever put your idea online,” and each husband replies, “Relax, it’s not like anyone else is going to have the exact same idea pop into their head.” I’m sure you can figure out what happens next. The commercial is a humorous way of reminding us that if we think we have a brilliant idea we should jump on it and not waste any time.

Volkswagen: “Get In. Get Happy”
Volkswagen has had backlash from viewers and critics who call the commercial racist. However, the concept for the video is based on the song “C’mon Get Happy” by Jamaican artist Jimmy Cliff, which was the inspiration for the accent. The commercial is advertising the new 2013 Volkswagen Beetle. It follows a man throughout his day, just enjoying life, and by the end of the ad he has turned his co-workers into happy go-lucky people too. The ad is selling the reality that if you purchase their product you will be unrealistically happy and pleasant. The commercial is far from racist, and is intended to be a humorous and fun way of grabbing a viewer’s attention. It will definitely put a smile on your face.

Budweiser: “Brotherhood”
Budweiser has officially joined Twitter, and they are asking followers of @Budweiser to help name the baby Clydesdale that appears in their newest commercial using #clydesdales.The commercial depicts a man raising a Clydesdale from birth and letting him head off to the Budweiser Clydesdales, only to reunite with the beautiful animal at the end. The ad truly articulates the bond between human and animal, anyone who loves animals will adore this ad.

World War Z Trailer
The trailer for the much-anticipated World War Z – coming to theaters this summer – has finally been released. The film stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a UN employee scouring the globe for information on how to stop a zombie epidemic. The trailer is filled with action and suspense, and the zombies are meaner and fiercer then we have ever seen before. The film is based on Max Brooks’ acclaimed novel of the same title. This break from the game will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Pepsi NEXT: “Party”
Pepsi has been a front-runner with advertising during the big game for years, and the company is not stopping now. They’ve decided to go all-in and advertise their new product, Pepsi NEXT. The ad has a common theme that will speak to most viewers – a house party. It’s a scenario we have all seen before – kid throws party, parents come home, BUT this time after tasting Pepsi NEXT the boy’s parents don’t bust him. Try using that strategy next time you’re in trouble. There is so much going on in the scene you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

Hyundai : “Stuck”
This year’s Hyundai ad has been created to sell their 2013 Sonata Turbo. The commercial depicts a couple on a road trip, driving the new Sonata Turbo down different highways, but always ending up behind the wrong vehicles. The ad features an overweight biker, slobbering dogs, and horse butts. ~Brittnee Fleming

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