Ruling Egypt thousands of years ago, En Sabah Nur, also known as Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), was the first mutant in existence. Betrayed by his worshippers, he was entombed, while his followers, the Four Horsemen, were destroyed. Centuries later, in 1983, he awakens to find the world is not as he left it. He believes mankind to be corrupt and weak, and seeks to destroy all humans and mutants in order to build anew.

He recruits a grieving Magneto (Michael Fassbender), who just lost his wife and child, as well as other wayward mutants to create this new world order. Charles Xavier, now Professor X (James McAvoy), and Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) must now lead a team of young X-Men to fight against Apocalypse and the inevitable destruction of the Earth.

  Canadian Connection: Filmed in Montreal. Some actors in minor roles are Canadian.

Director: Bryan Singer
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Producer(s): Lauren Shuler Donner, Simon Kinberg, Bryan Singer, Hutch Parker
Screenplay: Simon Kinberg
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  • 5 stars "Amazing movie! Even if they changed Quicksilver's name they still got the families right! Everything was amazing. SWEET DREAM ARE MADE OF THIS!!! Who am I to disagree?"
  • 1 star "Really disappointing after DOFP."
  • 3 stars "Apocalypse was defeated pretty easily. At least Angel showed some of what he could do..but it was a little disappointing. So was Phsyclock. I think that Bryan Singer tried to incorporate too large of a cast this time. I think this movie was a lesson to everyone in Marvel/Disney/DC when making ensemble flicks...Everyone want to have their screen time and fan favourites should, but it gets too over crowded and scenes end too fast. Quicksilver was great as usual. Wolverine wasn't exactly as Brian Singer filmed in his own first couple of movies (where was the box he was locked in originally? He stole the show from the kids."