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Suicide Squad 2 will start filming mid-2018

It has been reported that Jaume Collet-Serra is now the front-runner to direct Suicide Squad 2. The film is expected to begin shooting sometime in mid-2018. full story

The Shallows hunts for thrills – reviewer to reviewer

Blake Lively stars in The Shallows, the latest film to portray sharks as killing machines (even though most people now know that's actually not a true depiction). Two of our writers attended a screening of the movie and shared their thoughts. full story

Cinderella mesmerizes at this weekend’s box office

No surprise here, Cinderella charmed its way to the top spot this weekend. The live-action remake of the beloved fairy tale opened to an impressive $70 million. Tribute fans love the movie, giving it a 4.3 star rating. Also new to the charts was Liam Neeson‘s Run... full story

Non-Stop a continuous thrill ride – DVD review

Non-Stop is an apt title for this movie because the action and tension are non-stop in this edge-of-your seat thriller. Liam Neeson plays Bill Marks, a United States Air Marshal with a drinking problem. The film opens with him sitting in his car and having a drink... full story

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