Harrison Ford video released of his plane’s near-miss with airline

Harrison FordFootage of Harrison Ford‘s near-miss with a passenger plane has hit the Internet.

Last week, news broke that the 74-year-old Star Wars actor mistakenly attempted to land his single-engine aircraft on the taxiway of an Orange County, California airport, flying directly over a plane carrying 116 people.

Now, TMZ has shared a video of the incident, clearly proving that the Oscar nominee was in the wrong.

The silent, 45-second video shows an American Airlines 737 plane taxiing. Suddenly, Harrison’s small yellow aircraft enters the frame from the right and dips down above the much larger airliner.

The Indiana Jones actor then lands his Aviat Husky on the taxiway rather than the runway.

Luckily, no one was hurt and the American Airlines plane departed for Dallas minutes later.

For his dangerous misjudgment, Harrison is still under investigation by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administraiton).

Watch footage of the incident below and let us know what you think. ~Matthew Pariselli

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Troy • February 23, 2017 @ 12:26 PM

    His license ABSOLUTELY needs to be revoked. He’s unfit to fly.

  2. jonny • February 23, 2017 @ 6:13 PM

    whomever is in the drivers/pilots seat is responsible for the craft!!

  3. Ron • February 23, 2017 @ 11:56 PM

    Clearly a violation of airspace of the aircraft taxing down the runway.If Ford is the pilot, he needs reprimanded and sent to a pilot safety refresher course or flight school.Perhaps an eye exam or psychological exam.Maybe next time Chewy can land the plane.

  4. Joe • February 24, 2017 @ 9:25 AM

    Seriously Folks, I don’t see anything. There’s nothing to see here. What now … we have to create stories that are near misses to keep our lives exciting. Please.
    Nothing happened here.

  5. Austin • February 24, 2017 @ 11:09 AM

    It’s not a “Near-miss.” That would imply that he hit the Plane, but nearly missed it. It’s a near hit.

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