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Current Rating: 4.13

Current Rating: 4.13

based on 84862 votes and 283 reviews

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  • Best summer movie EVER!!!
  • This movie omits virtually all of the most damning and important information surround 9/11. Moore whitewashed it and America is all the worse off for it.
  • Surprised that Moore was not arrested for this movie. I am not sure how Americans (Republicans) can claim that they are speading democracy and freedom to others through war, when one is fearful to openly speak in their own country. Who is fooling who? When all is said and done, I am sure Bush and his friends will have highly profited from the war in Iraq (e.g. contracts, high oil prices, etc.) while the average American pays for it. You voted for him twice ... so enjoy!
  • Even though this movie was manipulated it had partial truths to it so before caling it all fake take i look around and see what going on.
  • this is the worst documentary ever made.the most boring movie i have ever seen.i would give it half of a point of a star.
  • Wow. Manipulating information does indeed take skill, so I will give Moore credit for being very good at what he does. But really, come on now. This is a movie (note: NOT a documentary) that presents us with Moore`s positions, not a movie that "tells the truth." I don`t like George Bush but I am not blind enough to fall in step with everyone who thinks anything liberal is right. And don`t tell me it is a coincidence that the movie came out a few months before election time. The movie has some interesting parts but it does not approach informative.
  • this movie kinda sucks i just didnt like it...it was very boring not my type of movie...
  • Moore is a better person then most would expect. He exposes Bush and his way of doing things and how they affect the poor third-nation countries. He tries to make America a better place to live in. He tries to admit that not all Americans are idiots and that we can do something about them. Frankly, liberals are evil. And we can prove this.
  • Put simply, Fahrenheit 9/11 tells the truth. It`s time someone did. Broadcast news has become the new Pravda, thanks to Fox. Thank God for Michael Moore.
  • I`m 15 and I live in Canada. Everything around me is liberal. I hate when stupid people who let liberals brainwash them and control their lives. I`m like one of the only people in my school who is a conservative and supports Bush. I wish people could see thru the real lies, the liberal lies. This whole movie is phoney. Don`t waste valuable time on this anti-American, liberal, hate-promoting film. Remember, a certain group in Germany in the 30`s also convinced it`s people that the Government was responsible for many problems, see any comparisons?

Fahrenheit 9/11

Genre:  Documentary, Drama
Running Time:  116 min.
Release Date: June 25, 2004
DVD: October 5, 2004

Current rating: Rating: 4.13
based on 84862 votes and 283 reviews
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Cast: Michael Moore, George W. Bush