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New movies in theaters – The Space Between Us and more

Why not celebrate the end of another week by going to the theater to watch the new releases out today. See the full list of movies and showtimes here! full story

Kevin Spacey accused of groping Richard Dreyfuss’ son

Actor Harry Dreyfuss alleges Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was 18, while his father was in the same room. Harry says he used to joke about the situation. full story

New on DVD – Baby Driver, The House and more

There are tons of new releases on DVD and Blu-ray this week to choose from - including major motion pictures such as Baby Driver and the comedy The House. full story

Alec Baldwin accused of lying about underage sex scene

Alec Baldwin has been accused of lying in his memoir about how he says he was misled about the young age of a co-star with whom he had sex scenes with. Click to learn more. full story

Los Angeles to be home to new George Lucas museum

George Lucas’ new museum, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, will be built in Los Angeles. Lucas will be investing $1 billion dollars into the project. full story

Collateral Beauty screenwriter Allan Loeb tells us why he loves twists

Screenwriter Allan Loeb wrote the original film Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith and Helen Mirren and Tribute had the chance to talk to him this week by phone! full story

Revenge’s James Tupper discusses David Clarke’s season four return

For three seasons, Emily Thorne, a.k.a. Amanda Clarke, has been avenging her father’s death on the hit show Revenge. In the shocking season three finale, it was revealed that David Clarke was, indeed, alive. In season four, David’s brutal past is slowly being revealed. We chatted with... full story

Kevin Spacey stunned by character confusion

Kevin Spacey has to remind people he is not the US President.The 55-year-old actor portrays scheming Head of State Frank Underwood in Netflix drama 'House of Cards' and is astonished that people seem to get his real life mixed up with that of his alte... full story

Robert Pattinson buying New York house

Robert Pattinson, 28, is buying a house in Brooklyn. The actor who has been splitting his time between his native London, California and New York City, now wants to settle on the East Coast and already has his eye on a lavish new home. The Twilight star –... full story

Elysium explores the gap between the rich and poor

Elysium has a timely theme – the multi-city Occupy movement, in which protestors stood up against social and economic inequality, is still fresh in most people’s minds. In the movie, the gap between rich and poor has widened so far that they don’t even live on the... full story

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