Michael Lohan wants Lindsay in rehab, mom parties

Lindsay Lohan‘s father has begged a judge to order her to rehab. Michael Lohan had his lawyer write a letter to the official presiding over her DUI probation case that read: “It is clear to Michael that the current court-ordered condition of her probation — namely, that she is required only to attend alcohol education classes — is insufficient.” The letter goes on to ask that the judge “order Lindsay into an inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment program.” In the document, obtained by gossip website TMZ, it is suggested Lindsay could receive treatment at New York facility Cold Spring Hills, adding: “Her family could easily attend family therapy with her as needed.” According to the document, Michael is concerned the actress’ alleged drug habit will kill her in the way other celebrities have died. It concludes: “It is painful for a father to ask a court for stricter controls on his own beloved daughter, but the alternative — that Lindsay becomes the next Hollywood statistic, the next Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith — is far worse.” Last week, the 23-year-old star partied with her mother Dina until the early hours of the morning at the Chateau Marmont, with fellow revellers proclaiming she looked “pale and bloated.” A source told the New York Post: “Lindsay didn’t look good. Her face is so puffy and she seemed exhausted. And everyone around is just looking at Dina like, ‘Why the hell are you partying with your daughter?’ Doesn’t she see what she’s doing and how weird and wrong it is?”

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  1. mandee • May 11, 2010 @ 4:49 PM

    i hope the judge takes his letter seriously and does order that lindsay get the help she requires. i think its unfair for him to include heath ledger and michael jackson in hiw letter because heaths was an accidental prescription mixture death and michael jackson was basically murdered in my opinion. i think dina needs to wake up and look at the example she is setting for her daughter and start acting like her MOTHER instead of trying to be her FRIEND.

  2. silver • May 12, 2010 @ 8:30 AM

    Mandee, when Michael Douglas’ son was being sentenced, I believe you and several others said it was wrong for the judge to be influenced by any family members and them writing to the judge was wrong and preferential treatment. Why is this different? Why should the judge listen to anything he says?

    I think that this is actually slightly worse than what the Douglas family did. In that case, the judge was in the sentencing phase, and he is supposed to take into account other factors, including the background of the accused and if possible the effect on victims. In this case, it sounds like Lohan is trying to get a judge to re-look at a case that has been decided and sentencing given. If she is not following probation orders, the justice system should be bringing the case back to court, at which time it is appropriate for any interested parties to give pertinent information. If he has concerns about her breaching probation, he should report it to police or the probation office, but doesn’t say she is breaching her conditions, just that he feels they are insufficient.

    I do believe, based on what biased and sensational stories are reported, that she probably is in need of treatment. However, unfortunately, if she doesn’t want to change, it isn’t going to help at all. You just have to watch a few episodes of Intervention or Celebrity Rehab to see that.

  3. mandee • May 12, 2010 @ 2:14 PM

    silver, asking for a lesser punishment to a more serious crime shouldnt be allowed. selling drugs risks other peoples lives and taking them impairs your judgment. i do not believe lindsay will learn from being let off easy considering shes STILL abusing drugs and alcohol. she has had plenty of chances to change her life, this is an ongoing problem that isnt going to be rectified without constant supervision and constant encouragement to seek help. i have no idea how the court systems work, if this letter could be helpful for lindsay to get the help she needs, then so be it. i feel its different when youre requesting more time than less time. for example, if someone raped someone else and the rapists family was asking for them to get time off because they are “good natured”, i dont think that is right. now if they sent a letter saying they didnt think the 1 year was enough of a sentence for someone that was violent and most likely to relapse back into raping women, that should be allowed and considered. these are the people that know these offenders the most, they should know if they are going to continue with this destructive behaviour and, as the public can clearly see, lindsay will until it kills her.

    i am aware that what i said makes me sound like a hypocrite, and im pretty sure youre going to come back with “well if they know them so well shouldnt they be able to speak as a character witness on their behalf” or whatever, but when it affects other people it shouldnt matter how they are when they are with their families. but if they are violent and aggressive around their families, chances are they are going to repeat any of this bad behaviour outside of their family if they have already and if they are being charged for something they did to someone that wasnt related to them.

  4. Thibz • May 12, 2010 @ 4:40 PM

    Its her life and he can make all the attempts he wants to help her, but ultmiately she will decide what path she takes. Help is only a temporary fix, it has to work both ways.

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