Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star dead of apparent suicide

lisa-mastersLisa Masters, best known for her guest roles in numerous television shows including Gossip GirlLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit, Nashville, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, has sadly passed away at age 52.

According to Peruvian news website Peru21, the actress was reportedly found dead inside her Nuevo Mundo hotel room in Lima on Tuesday.

Confirming the news, a spokesperson for Masters released the following statement, “As to her husband and family’s wishes, we hope that the industry can mourn her death without details. In these darkening days, we hope those who have had the pleasure of knowing her will see how brightly she shined and will find that light within themselves and continue to share it with others—just as she would have.”

Police officials claim that they found anti-depressants in the hotel room where the Royal Pains actress was staying. She was reportedly found in a closet and appeared to have hanged herself with a skirt.

In the wake of her tragic death, friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page for Masters’ travel and funeral arrangements, which as of this morning, has raised close to $40,000 of its $50,000 goal.

“Our dear friend Lisa Masters passed away tragically and unexpectedly in Lima, Peru on November 15, 2016,” Ani Mason, a friend who set up the page on behalf of Masters’ husband William Brooks, said in a post on the site. “Lisa’s genuine warmth, generosity and tenacious strength will be deeply missed.

“Lisa’s beloved husband William is shocked and grieving her sudden loss,” Mason continued, and went on to explain what the funds would be used for.

“In the midst of his mourning, William faces daunting financial challenges, including the substantial funeral and transport expenses for Lisa in and between Peru and the United States,” Mason said. “Any donation you can make to ease this difficult time would be so appreciated and would make a big difference. Our hearts go out to our dear friend William. We will miss Lisa very, very much.”

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Mitch • November 18, 2016 @ 2:15 PM

    Damn this is sad. She was really beautiful. Beautiful people shouldn’t kill themselves…unless they’re horrible people.

  2. Kris • November 18, 2016 @ 3:04 PM

    You’re an idiot Mitch.

  3. Veronica Blanchette • November 18, 2016 @ 3:49 PM

    “As to her husband and family’s wishes, we hope that the industry can mourn her death without details.”

    So here are the details we dug up.


  4. Mitch • November 18, 2016 @ 3:56 PM

    Why do you think that, Kris?

  5. Kris • November 18, 2016 @ 8:24 PM

    What does beauty have to do with the taking of life? This woman was unwell and ended her life. Your comment was insensitive and quite frankly stupid.

  6. Mitch • November 18, 2016 @ 8:53 PM

    I didn’t say one had to do with the other. I just find it doubly sad. You throw insults around and then call me insensitive. Pot meet kettle.

  7. Ed • November 18, 2016 @ 11:19 PM

    Debt will always make people do horrible things. There was this couple in the UK that committed double suicide and left their child alone because of outstanding debt.

  8. hope • November 19, 2016 @ 1:02 AM

    How can stars like this be broke?
    They must live way above their means.

  9. elaine • November 19, 2016 @ 2:38 PM

    Mitch You are completely insensitive, shallow, thoughtless and unkind. Your comments suggest it is less sad if someone “not beautiful” kills themselves.

  10. Samantha • November 19, 2016 @ 10:32 PM

    Money doesn’t buy happiness, even if she had been wealthy, which, if acting was her only source of income, wouldn’t have been the case. She made guest appearances, those pay a few thousand dollars, depending on how big the role is. She did a few of those per year, that wouldn’t even be enough to live on without another source of income. And since her husband is asking for funding to fly her back from Peru and pay for her funeral, likely he’s not wealthy either.

  11. Jean • November 20, 2016 @ 8:08 AM

    Such a bitter irony here. Not just in this thread and others but seemingly everywhere: outraged individuals who claim a moral high ground while their own remarks reveal presumption, cruelty, and hypocrisy. Severe lack of self awareness is one of the things that is crippling discourse.

  12. chris • November 20, 2016 @ 9:28 PM

    RIP KIMMY SCHMIDT you shall be missed

  13. Sherry Gibson • November 21, 2016 @ 12:20 AM

    To nt he person who wrote beautiful people should nt kill.themsellves,unless their horrible people..

    As a parent of a son who took his own life 8yrs ago this wk , it’s not about a person’s beautiful. .They are fighting an illness alot of ppl can’t understand.. think twice before you make statement like this.

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