X-Men: Apocalypse leads this week’s new trailers

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X-Men: Apocalypse

Hard-hitting action and intense suspense are the themes coursing through many of this week’s new trailers.

Although we’ve been given access to X-Men: Apocalypse with previous trailers, the latest (and final) one is arguably the most thrilling. Jennifer Lawrence takes center stage in this week’s glimpse of the film, which is based on the treasured Marvel comic and bolstered by a loaded cast including Oscar Isaac, Nicholas Hoult, James McAvoy and Rose Byrne.

The action of this week’s trailers accelerates with the first trailers for the following three films: Jason Bourne, which returns Matt Damon to the popular franchise; the highly anticipated Snowden, which features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the infamous NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden; and The Girl on the Train, starring Emily Blunt.

Independence Day: Resurgence, with Liam Hemsworth and Bill Pullman, who played the POTUS in 1996’s Independence Day, scored its second trailer. ~Matthew Pariselli

Here’s a list of the new trailers:
1.) X-Men: Apocalypse
2.) Jason Bourne
3.) Snowden
4.) The Girl on the Train
5.) Independence Day: Resurgence
6.) The Magnificent Seven
7.) The Founder
8.) Hands of Stone
9.) Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie 
10.) Cell
11.) Born in China

X-Men: Apocalypse- As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), with the help of Professor X (James McAvoy), must lead a team of young X-Men to stop their nemesis, the villainous En Sabah Nur, aka Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac). But before they can put an end to Apocalypse’s dangerous plan, they must first join forces. Directed by Bryan Singer, who’s familiar with the franchise, the film also features Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler and Olivia Munn as Psylocke.

Jason Bourne- The CIA’s most lethal former operative, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), remembers everything, but as Nicky (Julia Stiles) tells him, that doesn’t mean he knows everything. Both of them are on the run in this new installment of the franchise which was launched with 2002’s The Bourne Identity.

Snowden- This film follows the story of Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the former CIA employee and NSA contractor who leaked thousands of classified documents to the press in 2013. Snowden is wanted in the U.S. on charges of espionage and theft of government property. He currently resides in Russia where he has been granted temporary asylum. Oliver Stone directs the film which also stars Shailene Woodley, Zachary Quinto, Melissa Leo and Nicolas Cage.

The Girl on the Train- While traveling daily by train to the city, a woman named Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) witnesses what she believes to be the “perfect” couple, Scott (Luke Evans) and Megan (Haley Bennett). When one day she witnesses Megan kissing another man, it angers her, even though she doesn’t actually know the people involved. When Megan goes missing not longer after that, Rachel gets herself involved in their drama/murder mystery.

Independence Day: Resurgence- Using recovered alien technology after the last invasion in 1996, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens’ next attack — and only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction. The film stars Liam Hemsworth, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum.

The Magnificent Seven- In the Old West, the sleepy town of Rose Creek is plagued by savage outlaws, led by Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard). They burn a church and slaughter many of the townsfolk. The widow (Haley Bennett) of one of the men killed approaches Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington) to ask for help. He agrees and rounds up six more men to take on the outlaws. The film is based on the 1960 movie of the same name, which starred Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson.

The Founder- The true story of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) and how he created the world’s biggest franchise, the billion-dollar empire known as McDonald’s. The film follows Ray as he meets the McDonald brothers, learns of their five-restaurant chain in California and runs with it to create one of America’s great success tales, leaving the brothers in his wake. The film also stars Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson and Laura Dern.

Hands of Stone- Boxer Roberto Duran (Édgar Ramírez) rises from the slums of Panama in 1968 at the age of 16 with the help of legendary trainer Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro) to become one of the great fighters of his time. In the process, he earns the nickname “hands of stone” as he wins 103 wins out of 119 matches.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie– Based on the popular British series of the same name, this film follows Edina (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley), two women living the high life by shopping impulsively, drinking abundantly and clubbing copiously. That changes when they become the focus of a media frenzy after they’re blamed for a terrible faux pas at a fashionable launch party. Relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi, they flee to the French Riviera, where they come up with a plan to make the most of their escape.

Cell- When a mysterious electronic signal turns cell phone users into rabid killers, a man (John Cusack) desperately searches for his estranged wife and son as his city descends into apocalyptic chaos. The film also stars Samuel L. Jackson.

Born in China- A Disneynature project, this documentary takes a look at three animal families — a panda bear mother and her adorable baby, a rambunctious two-year-old golden monkey and his new sister, and a mother snow leopard struggling to raise her two young cubs in a harsh climate. Filmed in the remote wilds of China, this film gives audiences the chance to witness some of the most intimate moments ever captured in a nature film.

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